Flood Yourself With Inspiration From the 4 Elements: Vincent Hui

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

There are plenty of places to look for inspiration. As you can see from this blog, we've gathered quite an amazing collection of them. Other artist are a huge source of inspiration along with popular culture and nature.

Have you ever thought of being inspired by the 4 elements; air, earth, fire or water? A composition inspired by air would have everything swept away by the wind and nothing planted on the ground. On the other hand, a composition inspired by earth would be very balanced and grounded. Fire would move between solid and ephemeral; some things seen clearly and some things in the dark. And water would move, flow, splash or even flood your view.

When I came across artist, Vincent Hui all I saw was water. His compositions flow and move and have layer upon layer, sinking you deeper into the sea. As you can see below, he loves to add water elements to his compositons.

Even if he doesn't have water elements in his paintings, they still move and flow like water. Can you feel the splash and impact in the one below?

Since, I studied his work, I've been trying to make water an inspiration for my compositions. Maybe, I'll work air and fire into them too.


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