The Intellectual Artwork of Artist, Illustrator and Animator Kassem Ahmed on Facebook

Illustrator Kassem Ahmed uses his artwork as a means to address specific issues of our culture today. His subject matter and concepts are thought provoking and intriguing.

Through advertising, sitcoms, movies and video games we’re assaulted daily with a constant barrage of images centered on sex and violence. In some of his art Kassem focuses specifically on the advertising aspect of this assault and the effects it has on young women in our society. He is asking us to think about the advertisements we have accepted as our reality since childhood. What negative effects do they have on all of us? What negative effects do they have specifically on young girls who constantly see women portrayed by the media as objects and play things? How much of who we are has been influenced by what we've experienced through television, film, advertising and popular magazines? Is it possible to break free from the slogans and catch phrases rained down upon us by corporations and advertisers and not believe we are who they tell us we are?

Kassem has left all interpretations of his work up to the viewer. His purpose is not to provide the answers only to raise the questions. What do you take away from Kassem's art?

On a lighter note, Kassem is also a story board artist and animator. Let’s switch gears as we watch his brilliantly produced short, traditional, cell animation.


  1. Ahmed Kassem is an admirable illustrator. His work is fascinating!


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