Is Facebook Ready For The Imagination of Artist Charles Kaufman?

The work of artist Charles Kaufman isn’t restricted by common, everyday thinking. Charles paints any subject he wishes on any surface he desires. Unconventional and bursting with imagination the subject matter of his paintings range from woman and wine bottles to enormous toasters in surreal environments to wacky characters in organ factories.

Charles is fearless in his approach to art. He’ll create his art on discarded soda cans and carved wood as well as the traditional canvas. It’s as if he has so many ideas of things to paint; they explode on to any surface available.

However don’t be fooled by the playfulness of his subject matter or his choice of rustic materials on to which his art is applied. Charles Kaufman is very serious about his work. He has two published books about his art with a third one soon to be released. On his website he offers an insightful view on how he layers paint on canvas. He also provides a look at his beginning sketches along side the finished paintings accompanied by brief explanations of his process.

Charles Kaufman possesses a true artist’s spirit, innocent playfulness, the boldness to experiment, and a unique view of the world, all applied with a distinctive style. Wouldn’t you agree that these are important qualities to have as an artist?


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