Is Your Art Getting the Attention It Deserves?

As an artist do you find yourself asking questions such as, what’s the best way to approach art galleries? Should I start my own blog? What is artistic style? How can I integrate social media into my marketing plan? ArtBizBlog has insight and advice on these questions and numerous others.

Created by Alyson Stanfield in 2004, ArtBizBlog helps teach artists skills that will lead to more rewarding careers. It’s intended to help artists sell more art, make more money and take care of themselves in the process. Alyson’s blog is chock full of informative articles, exciting podcasts, helpful tips and valuable advice.

Alyson Stanfield began consulting with artists informally 18 years ago as part of her position as a museum curator. When she left museums, her old artist-friends continued going to her for help and advice. A little research into that field led her to conclude that she wouldn’t be doing artists any favors by doing all of the work for them. Instead, she decided to teach them how - ArtBizBlog.

Alyson has worked in an art museum for ten years, has worked in the U.S. Senate and has a lot of experience working with collectors as well as the general art-viewing public. She’s also the author of the book; I’d rather be in the studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion.

If you want expert advice on how to succeed in the art biz from someone who’s an authority in the field then you’ll want to jump on over to the ArtBizBlog site.


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