Jeffrey Richter Fine Art on Etsy – Believe the Unbelievable

Contributed by Lou Simeone

It's hard to believe what some artists can create using charcoal, ink and graphite. Jeffrey Richter is one such artist. His meticulously detailed images are seductive and haunting, thought provoking and full of depth. In black and white, grayness and shadow, machinery is melded into the human form and beauty morphs into nightmares. Each of his pieces tells a story, like the woman above who sews herself together to become complete.

Love and war, strength, life and death, conflict and the relationship between man and machine, this is the art of Jeffrey Richter communicated with passion and contemplation. Beyond his impressive skill as a draftsman, Jeffrey captivates his viewers with the stories he tells about each piece and the stories his viewers can’t help but imagine about them on their own.

When not designing apparel as a graphic artist, Jeffrey can be found in his studio in St. Clair, Missouri recording his dreams and thoughts on paper – creating his astonishing works of art.


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