Rock – Paper – Scissors: Paper Engineer Marshall Alexander on Facebook

Marshall Alexander is a Dutch paper engineer, based in Arnhem. The main focus of his work is the creation of paper toys. Marshall creates his own original characters from scratch and also transforms existing characters, such as Santa Claus below, into paper models.

These aren’t your run of the mill paper dolls, or snowflake cutouts you’re looking at here. Most of these paper toys are constructed from a single piece of paper, which by elaborate folding is transformed into 3-dimensional models, while other more complex designs consist of several parts that are glued together to build a final model.

Marshall has done commissioned work for the toy industry, for promotional purposes and for books and magazines. His personal work is heavily inspired by things he grew up with in the seventies and eighties, retro designs, videogames, movies, bright plastic toys and TV cartoons.

And what’s just as amazing as Marshall’s paper toys and models is that most of them can be downloaded for free from his website – talk about generous.


  1. Great stuff. Been a fan of Marshalls for a while now. Always exited to see what's next :)


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