“Spicer-Up” Your Facebook Page with Mike Spicer’s Cartoon Portraits

Freelance cartoonist and illustrator Mike Spicer would like to “Spicer-Up” your Facebook profile picture with a custom made, Mike Spicer-original, cartoon portrait. Is this a fun idea or what?

The original photos are shown here for comparison and do not appear on the final artwork

It all started when Mike received complimentary reactions from his circle of friends about the cartoon style self portrait he created and was using for his own Facebook page. Positive comments poured in from both artists and non-artists alike.

He sat with the idea for a while to let it percolate in his noggin until it finally bubbled over and couldn’t be contained anymore. Fueled by his excitement and the prompting of his friends and online acquaintances he decided to pursue the idea. Mike floated the project out about a week ago and everything synched-up to make it "feel right".

Encouraged by the support he’s had so far Mike intends on building the project beyond his own online community in the hopes that others will also want these fun and unique likenesses as their social network visual identities.

Working out of Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, Mike Spicer publishes newspaper editorial cartoons, book illustrations and creates humorous custom cartoons and caricatures for commercial clients as well as individuals.

Mike is also the creator of “Celebrity Clerks”, a single-panel strip that humorously depicts people of note behind the cash-register of a convenience store. The characters range from those currently in the public eye to those that are out of the loop, but engrained in our collective conscience.

Do you know someone who would like to “Spicer-Up” their profile picture? Why not send them on over to Mike?


  1. Fantastic work!! I love my "Spicered" picture!! Everyone should have one!! And his cartoons are funny....gotta read them!


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