Announcing The Copyright Alliance Creators Across America Artist Interviews

The Copyright Alliance, a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization dedicated to promoting the value of copyright, is announcing a road trip covering 35 states in 35 days to talk with individual artists and creators about their work and why copyright is important to earning a living.

Traveling in a hybrid and armed with a video camera, the Alliance’s Executive Director, Patrick Ross will traverse the country recording interviews with photographers, graphic artists, authors, filmmakers and musicians, among others. The interviews will be posted on the Alliance’s You Tube channel and Creators Across America web site, which tells the stories of individual creators in all 50 states through a collection of videos, blogs and statistics.

“Too much of the conversation about copyright and its role in the digital age occurs in Washington among people who don’t have to meet a payroll and who haven’t devoted years and equity to honing a skill and building a business,” Ross said. “We are going to artists where they live and work, talking with them about their jobs and about the increasing burden of protecting their work from theft.”

More than 20 video interviews have already been posted to the site, and include photographers, graphic artists, filmmakers and musicians. Below is a recent conversation with New York-based illustrator and typographic designer Daniel Pelavin.

Formed just over three years ago in an effort to provide a collective voice in Washington, DC, on the importance of copyright to the creative community, the Alliance membership includes unions, creative guilds, non-profit and for-profit corporations as well as trade associations, and individual artists and creators.

Join the Copyright Alliance now & speak up for your art.


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