The Creepy, Kooky and All Together Spooky Illustrations of Aaron Blecha

If you couldn’t tell already from his work, Aaron Blecha is an illustrator with a great sense of humor. The bio he goes with claims that he was raised by a school of giant squid in Wisconsin. Squid from Wisconsin? Well, they must have had some fantastic illustration classes in that school because this guy’s work is awesome.

Aaron’s illustrations are packed with all sorts of inventive characters from one-eyed zombies to grumpy goblins with arrows sticking out of their backs. He has the ability to take familiar themes and stories such as the Three Little Pigs and The Ugly Duckling and turn them into something we haven’t seen before, serving them up Blecha style with a twist.

Aaron’s studio is based out of London, England. He works as an artist and animator designing toys, making cartoons, and illustrating children's books, including the Zombiekins and George Brown, Class Clown series. His list of clients includes Cartoon Network, Warner Bros, Penguin Books, Empire Magazine, London SouthBank Centre, and Edge Magazine


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