Illustrator and Designer Farhana Nicholson Celebrates Creative Arts & Ethics Through Remendy Magazine

Contributed by Farhana Nicholson

Stylised fantasy is the best way to describe my style of illustration, and it all stems from a multi cultural background in British, East African and Indian Art.

I was born and raised in London but my family originates form Africa and India. I was always surrounded by creative art like henna, which was something I was especially fascinated by, and is often reflected in my work. It was the translation of the organic movement in plants painted onto the body with so much detail that always intrigued me.

I later came across many other artists’ work that still have a great influence on me such as Alphonse Mucha, Fashion Photography, Ghibli animations and Disney’s illustration styles from the 40’s and 50’s also play a big part in my work. Art is like home to me, so to make the transition of a hobby into a career felt very natural.

I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator and designer for a couple of years and have enjoyed working on some pretty cool projects such as designing a CD book for Jools Holland and illustrating phone covers for Nokia.

Remedey Magazine
These days I’m constantly exposed to and inspired by great new talent from all over the world through Remedy magazine. Published quarterly, Remedy is an online magazine dedicated to celebrating creative arts and ethics.

I set up Remedy after graduating from Chelsea College of Art & Design in 2008. It came from being frustrated with the recession and the effect it was having on new talent not being able shine, as there were no jobs. Mixed messages being portrayed in the media, like promoting celebrities with no actual talent to young children, also stirred me to try and make a change. Remedy is all about promoting real talent, focusing on the creative arts and discovering what can be achieved through it.

Being talented in illustration or any form of art doesn’t limit you to just creating beautiful images, you have the power to communicate with anyone, regardless of what language they speak. You can communicate messages, memories, encourage changes, it’s amazing and the possibilities are endless. Remedy is a platform for creative artists from all walks of life, to show off and inspire thousands across the globe.

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