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Have you ever had trouble recognizing a Tim Burton illustration? Have you ever looked at an illustration and wondered whether or not it was created by Maurice Sendak? Some illustrators have such a distinctive style that their work is immediately recognizable. What is style though? Is it simply how artists illustrate or paint something? Is it how artists connect with their audience? Is the emotion that artists convey through their work part of their style? Surely there must be some point of connection in order for a style to be successful.

Illustrator Alessandra Fusi has a wonderfully distinctive style. Her illustrations are soft and delicate, full of wonder and delight. They evoke such feelings of warmth and comfort that they take hold of their viewer like a familiar, loving embrace.

This exceptionally talented illustrator has the ability through her gifted hand to take characters as familiar as Willie Wonka and Peter Pan and truly make them her own. Wouldn’t it be great to see how she would illustrate a character like The Cat in the Hat?

Italian artist Alessandra Fusi received her BFA in illustration and multimedia animation at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, and since that day she has showcased her artwork in many solo and collective art shows in Italy, France and the United States. She has illustrated 3 books and her artwork can be found on everything from diaries, to bags to magnets.


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