T Cooper & Alex Petrowsky's New Book: The Beaufort Diaries

Contributed by Alex Petrowsky

A polar bear tries to go green-in Hollywood-with Leonardo DiCaprio-in an outrageous tale that includes equally outrageous full-color illustrations. Watch the animated trailer featuring David Duchovny below.

It may sound like a familiar story-boy goes to Hollywood, boy befriends big star, boy gets almost as famous as big star, boy finds fame tricky-but T Cooper's first illustrated novel is subversively different. For one thing, the "boy" is a polar bear. For another thing, the "big star" is Leonardo DiCaprio. And together, they decide to make an action movie...about the environment.

It's a story that's both wacky and edgy, as readers have come to expect from T Cooper (Lipshitz Six or Two Angry Blondes, Some of the Parts). But in this case, Cooper has pushed the envelope even further by enlisting illustrator Alex Petrowsky to help tell the story. Petrowsky's poster-like, full color images combine photos with cartooning and painting for an arresting effect that's both wildly humorous and hypnotically otherworldly.

It is, in short, a compelling tale with an edgy charm and a persevering conscience. And it's all in a lush package, as if T Cooper's gifts for wisdom and humor and social commentary had been boiled down to their essence for a devoted following, then blown up like fireworks for a much wider audience to ooh and aah over.

Find out more about T Cooper here, and check out Alex Petrowsky's website. And if you like what you see go buy it at your local bookstore or online.

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