Travis Millard - Welcome to Fudge Factory Comics

How would you like to step inside the mind of artist Travis Millard? You might not come out the same on the other side. These are some wild illustrations he’s conjuring up. Travis waves his freak flag high and let’s his imagination run loose like a madman with the keys to the asylum. And wouldn’t you agree that’s what an artist should do? Fearless - no holds barred - let it go from the brain to the paper – that’s the pure essence of the creative spirit. Why be afraid to put down on paper or canvas what it is that you want to put down? Artists like Travis Millard are saying to hell with conventional thinking – my way is much more fun.

His work looks like it might have some Robert Crumb or a little bit of S. Clay Wilson influence to it. Heck, everyone has been influenced by someone. Still Travis Millard is definitely original in his own right. Eye gouging, hand biting with some face melding make out sessions – yeah this guy certainly isn’t having any problems creating unique pieces of art.

Travis is represented by the Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica, California, but he also sells his artwork directly on his website, fudgefactorycomics.com. His website is just as wild as his artwork (watch out for the flying daggers) so jump on over when you get the chance. You might also want to read his interview with Juxtapoz Magazine to get more of a feel for his great sense of humor and style.


  1. Yes, I love Travis Millard! I see his work all over town and the internet! He's awesome!

  2. I love it too. I love his pure sense of freedom - that he draws whatever he wants to. It's great!


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