What's Old Can Be New Inspiration: Poster Art of Jules Cheret

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

In the late 1800's and early 1900's, poster art was big and beautiful. One of the leading poster and commercial artists of this period was a French man named Jules Cheret. Below are a few of his amazing posters. I actually have a bathroom curtain with some of his posters printed on it.

Even though his art was created over a 100 years ago, I find new inspiration in it all the time. Maybe, you'll find it inspiring too. If you're in Paris from now until November 7, 2010, you can view some of his posters and artwork at the Museum of Decorative Arts, including a chair he painted. He was part of a movement called neo-Rocco-ism and I think you can see why because of his love for decoration and beauty.


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