Who I Am... And How I Got That Way - The Impressive Career of Graphic Designer and Illustrator Ron Rae - Part IV

Journal of a typical or maybe an atypical Logo Design Project
The Cupcake Station retail store was started a couple of years ago in the upscale town of Birmingham, Michigan. It has been a great success and has expanded now to an Ann Arbor store and a Van-Store that goes to big events in our area and sells cupcakes on location. I did the main logo first, then the Van-Store logo a year later.

One of the cupcake guys is an architect that I had done another project for, Tom Holliman. His partner is Kerry Johnson a landscape architect. They are both creative types who wanted a fun but tastful approach to their identity. I am including a number of the choices I gave them. On jobs like this I really have fun and always overdo the choices.

They had a hard time picking only one. I incorporated my usual method of gathering all manner of pertinent visual material. I believe "the solution usually lies in the problem". This is not always true, but is always a good place to start. First I hand drew the elements I wanted to use, cupcakes, bakers and border devices. I knew I wanted to do some old-time ad type of borders and shapes. I spent a full week doing the ideas and comps. The guys love their stuff and get lots of compliments for their “look”. This job went very smoothly. Guess I don’t have to tell you that logos can be very painful at times.

And that was the final installment for the biography of Detroit great, Ron Rae. Once again I'd like to thank Ron for taking the time to put this together for us. It certainly was an honor to have him featured on Illustration Pages. I really hope you enjoyed this special series on graphic designer and illustrator, Ron Rae. Don't forget to read our other interviews too.


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