Artist, Illustrator Wouter Tulp – Different Strokes of Different Folks

 Wouter Tulp - illustrator, caricaturist and painter.
Artist Wouter Tulp has crafted a remarkable body of work in a variety of styles and medium over the past decade. A graduate of Willem de Kooning Academie, Wouter has been making a living as an illustrator since 2001.

Wouter creates incredible caricatures of historical figures such as President Obama and Abraham Lincoln – entertainers such as Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson. He has even completed a few of his friends and family. But caricatures are one aspect of this versatile artist. Explore his work further and discover more treasure along the way.

It’s absolutely incredible how Wouter can move in and out of such a wide range of styles and still maintain the same flawless proficiency within each one. Every illustration he creates is equivalent to the other in terms of mastery, inventiveness, and beauty. Such an enormous body of work would be impossible to record all in one post but hopefully the work that is displayed here is reflective of his many techniques and approaches to art.

On his blog Wouter writes, “What is possible in drawing is limited only by your imagination. Drawing and observing the world often is a way to develop your imagination and skills to put it on paper. Simply a pencil and a piece of paper are enough to endless learning, imagination and fun!!”

Anything is possible for Wouter when he puts pen to paper or brush to canvas. Every stroke he applies is purposeful and deliberate. His talent well runs as deep as his imagination pool and the two combined become deeper and expand beyond any limitations or boundaries.

It must be incredible to know that most of what you place on paper or canvas is sought after by art lovers and collectors alike. Wouter Tulp’s art fetches a considerable amount of money – worth every dollar of course.


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