Blogging for Art Inspiration: A Few Favorite Artsy Hot Spots

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

Maybe, It's not in my best interest to tell you about other blogs to visit for inspiration. I mean, these blogs might take away your attention from here...er...from me. If I was really insecure I wouldn't let you in on these great blogs which I follow for inspiration. And I'm not....you know....insecure. I think we've built a solid enough connection that I can let you in on a secret or two or maybe even three.....

Phantasmaphile is an art and culture blog by Brooklyn, New York, Creative Planner Pam Grossman. She finds all kinds of dreamy, surreal art, objects, exhibitions and lectures that she shares on this fun blog. I know when I read her posts I'll be discovering something truly lovely and uncommon.

My Owl Barn loves owls and any art or objects that have owls on it. They are really good at finding really fun owl art. Previously, I had no idea there were so many cool owl things out there. I'm not so much owl obsessed, but I love their finds so I have to keep checking it out.

Booooooom is an art blog by Jeff Hamada, an artist from Vancouver. He finds amazing art, animations and music videos from around the world. I like that his posts are quick, short and to the point. He posts several of them each day so you're sure to get lots of fast tidbits of inspiration from him.

All of these blogs can be subscribed to via email, so you won't forget about them or you won't miss out on an opportunity for inbox inspiration. Check them out and let me know if you've found any more cool blogs that inspire you.


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