Cartoon Craziness With Illustrator George Coghill

Cartoonist George Coghill has a lot of really awesome character illustrations going on over at Coghill Cartooning. Specializing in custom mascot characters for logos, George Coghill is another artist featured here on IP with a great sense of humor who likes to have fun with his art.

Some folks get kind of snobbish when it comes to the great art of cartooning or cartoon-style illustration– and it just isn't right to be quite honest – well not at Illustration Pages. We give props to George Coghill and other cartoonists out there like him. His logo work is excellent and his approach to drawing is as serious as any other artist out there.

Like most other forms of art, cartooning requires knowledge of both human and animal anatomy – not to mention a far out imagination. Just look at all the great characters George Coghill creates – pinup girls, surfers, aliens, super heroes, dogs, gorillas. Does he ever run out of things to draw?

Artists that have influenced George are Mort Drucker, Sergio Aragones, Don Martin, Jack Davis, Roger Dean, Robert Williams, Alex Grey, Stephen Blickenstaff, B.K. Taylor, Sebastian Kruger and Coop. Any of them sound familiar?

Want more Goerge Coghill? Have a look at his webcasts on The Artcast Network. There he walks his audience through digital sketching, vector cartooning and illustration in Photoshop and Illustrator.

George Coghill is definitely enjoyable to follow as he always has a steady flow of work to show. From avatars to logos to icons the Coghill studio is always jumpin’. Check out what he has done in the past and stay up-to-date with what he has going on now.


  1. Thanks for the post about my cartooning and illustration work!

  2. Anytime - great work - love the logos.


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