Discover Endless Humor in the Paintings of Artist Nate Owens

The expressions on the faces of the characters in Nate Owens’ paintings are priceless – not to mention the situations he puts them in. His art has a Norman Rockwell feel to it. Wouldn’t you agree? There’s so much to look at in every painting – each with its own unique story to tell. He’s certainly an artist that loves what he does and is having a good time doing it. As you look through his art you’ll find that there’s also a serious side to Nate Owens, evident in many of his other beautifully rendered paintings. Whatever the subject matter, Nate Owens’ approach to painting is that of an exceptionally skilled craftsman on a noble quest to make us smile.

Nate Owens has been doing illustrations for publication and gallery art (oils, watercolors, acrylics, etc.) for years. His art has appeared on everything from bus benches to ads, magazine illustrations, TV spots and gift products like coffee mugs, shirts, greeting cards and wall decor prints.

As an art director Nate has designed annual reports, catalogs, brochures, publications and ads. Many of his ads have found homes in the pages of Time, Newsweek, USA Today and The Saturday Evening Post.

Nate’s humor illustrations have been his most popular and most widely published - appearing on greeting cards and products from Leanin' Tree publishing since 1980. Nate finds endless inspiration from his days of growing up on a farm around tale-spinning great uncles and a menagerie of interesting critters.


  1. Thanks for the generous add, Illustration Pages!

    1. Thank you for your amazing talent and rare sense of humour.

  2. Amazing work, Nate. Keep us posted about more in the future.

  3. Great work Nate, love your sense of humour. brilliant illustrations.


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