Drifting and Dreaming with Illustrator Nidhi Chanani

Isn’t it great when you come across art that speaks to you as soon as you see it? You come across an artist’s website and with every click through his or her portfolio you find something truly amazing. Well, that’s certainly the case with the work of San Francisco illustrator Nidhi Chanani. Every click through Nidhi’s portfolio of illustrations will fill you with warmth and joy.

Nidhi’s thoughtful compositions are a big part of what makes her work so interesting. Other elements such as her brilliant use of lighting and deliberate use of intricate patterns combined with wonderful textures and colors result in stylized illustrations that tell stories you wish you were a part of.

Enjoy the dreamy visions of illustrator Nidhi Chanani. Peruse through her blog and experience the magical world she’s created. And then jump over to her page to stay on top of all the new work she comes up with – and there’s a lot.


  1. Nidhi is awesome, I own 2 of these already and hope to own more of her work!

  2. these are a copied works of http://pascalcampion.com/.
    Don't feel shame on you?

    1. I totally agree… These are direct copies of Pascal Campion!!

      How could one recreate similar images and then copyright!! disappointing for artist's community.


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