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This week on Illustration Pages we’ll be taking a much needed vacation. So while there won’t be new posts everyday this week there will be a few recaps. Next week we’ll come back re-energized with more great artists to highlight, articles, inspiration, techniques and more. In the meantime:

Remember to keep submitting your news to Illustrations Pages whenever you would like to shine the spotlight on some new work, a recent website redesign, a new book you’ve authored or are being featured in, awards you’ve recently received – you get the idea. Don’t forget aside from featuring the Facebook pages and online stores of visual artists from around the world, Illustration Pages is also your destination for the latest industry news.

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Most importantly keep those submissions coming. Illustration Pages survives by receiving your work to highlight. So keep the Facebook pages and online store submissions coming.

Thanks so much for helping to make Illustration Pages what it is today.

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The poster artwork for the 1983 classic movie National Lampoon's Vacation was created by the great Boris Vallejo.


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