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Rogue Monk LLC, is the exclusive worldwide licensee manufacturer and designer of Ed Hardy ceramic goods.
Have you heard of the online community and fashion shop, Rogue Monk? Illustration Pages recently caught wind of the site from a fellow artist of the IP family, Matt Hendon. Matt was recently contacted by Rogue Monk co-founder, Steven Hoel. Steven spotted Matt’s work in American Illustration and asked him if he would like to participate on the site. Illustration Pages reached out to Steven Hoel to ask a few questions and find out a little bit of what Rogue Monk is all about.

Matt Hendon Tshirt

What is Rogue Monk?
Rogue Monk is a group of artists and fashion industry professionals who express themselves creatively and socially through a unique online platform. Rogue Monk Online provides a forum for artists to easily promote & sell their work utilizing a set of built-in online marketing tools available to each Rogue Monk artist. The website provides a place to create, discuss, exchange knowledge among other creative professionals and monitor trends through direct feedback from the general public worldwide.

How does an artist become a Rogue Monk?
Both seasoned and up-and-coming creatives can sign-up online, and start submitting artwork immediately through a simple upload process. The submitted artwork is reviewed by the Rogue Monk team, before being added to the "Fresh Picks" gallery to be voted on by the public. Artwork that receives the greatest market response is “Featured” online and in showrooms worldwide, alongside popular Rogue Monk licensed artists like, Tim Biskup; modernist illustrator, Mario Wagner, and the estate of Osvaldo Cavandoli, creator of the Italian cartoon La Linea.

Artists can promote their designs using the built in online marketing tools available through their Rogue Monk artist profile. The designs with the highest market response are featured on the front page of the website and immediately presented to wholesale customers worldwide, including indie boutiques and department stores such as Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, and Macy’s.

Tim Biskup

There are no production costs associated upfront, and each artist earns a 10 percent royalty of the wholesale price for each item sold online or off. Participating artists are able to log on to the “MyWallet” section of their artist profile to monitor sales, and track design commissions worldwide on a daily basis. 

It's important to state whether or not artists retain rights to all the art submitted. Is that the case here?
Yes, artists retain ownership of their art. They grant Rogue Monk an exclusive license to use the art in two trademark categories. The categories are for clothing and accessories like bags, but we may expand to other categories in the future.

What is your experience in retail and fashion?
The brains behind Rogue Monk Online represent pioneers of some of the most successful art and lifestyle clothing brands in the world, including, Ed Hardy and De La Barracuda; and trend consultants for major labels such as Diesel, Disney, Nike and Red Bull. That experience combined with the easy-to-use online tools Rogue Monk provides, helps artists generate a profit simply by creating art that resonates with the public all the while honing their entrepreneurial skills.

Mario Wagner

What is the process in becoming a "Featured Artist" on Rogue Monk? Do "Featured Artists" retain the rights to their images also?
We hand pick artists for the featured section. We've invited artists from around the world to be a part of the featured artist roster, and we are also looking at our own community for new talent to feature. The featured artists retain the same rights as the artists submitting designs through the website.

What are your plans for the Rogue Monk retail stores? Where are the locations now and where will they be in the future?
Currently we have the shirts at our partner De La Barracuda's shop in Los Angeles. Up next we have concept shops opening in Berlin and Tokyo. We are showcasing some of our "fresh pick" artists from the website, as well as our featured artists.

Osvaldo Cavandoli, La Linea

How and where are you advertising Rogue Monk?
We are running print ads in magazines like Juxtapoz, and are working on an online marketing push as well.

What do you think about it? Are you currently a Rogue Monk member? Would you consider becoming a member after reading about Rogue Monk here? Let us know in the comments section below.


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