Swap Your Old Art Books: 5 Book Swapping Websites

Are you tired of some of your art books? Maybe you’ve gotten all the inspiration you’re going to get from that book on Leonardo da Vinci that’s been sitting on your bookshelf since 1989. Would you consider trading your books for different ones? Have you heard of book swapping online? Book swapping websites let you swap your old books for different ones the way you used to swap baseball cards with your buddies or your grandmother’s recipes with your friends.

The general idea behind book swapping sites is you join the site, post books you would like to swap, other members peruse your list, and you peruse theirs - then swap. That’s all there is to it. The sites listed below are all free to join. Perhaps it’s time to turn in some old art books, design books or illustration books for different ones and get that creative lightning striking again.

Paperbookswap.com – This site is currently free but states that sometime in the future they might charge members $10 to $20 for a yearly membership. The person mailing the books pays for the postage on this site. When a member receives your books you earn credits – 1 credit = 1 book. You can use your credits to order books. They are also linked to swapacd.com and swapadvd.com

Booksfreeswap.com – List your books or audio books on this site. A notification email is sent to you when a member wants a titled you’ve listed. On this site the recipient pays the shipping. You can create a wish list and be notified via email when a match is found to your list.

Swaptree.com – This site allows you to list more than books. You can list books, CDs, movies, and video games that you want to trade and the books, CDs, DVDs and video games that you want to receive. Swaptree will show you all of the items that you can receive for yours. Suggesting a trade is as simple as clicking a button next to the item you would like to have. Once another trader accepts a proposed swap, the trade is complete and you will then be provided the shipping address where you need to ship your item. You pay for the shipping of the package that you’re sending.

Bookins.com – On this site the recipient pays for the shipping. Points are assigned to your items. More popular items earn more points. And they guarantee books you receive will be in good shape, and DVDs playable or they provide a refund. Another benefit of this site is that you don’t deal with the traders directly.

Bookmooch.com –Type in books you want to give away. Receive requests from others for your books. Mail your books and receive points. Get your books with the points you earn. You receive a tenth-of-a-point for every book you type into their system and one point each time you give a book away. In order to keep receiving books, you need to give away at least one book for every two you receive. The nice thing about this site is that you can give your points to charities such as children’s hospitals. You pay for the shipping of the package that you’re sending.

As you can see, all these websites are relatively the same - with some slight differences here and there. The good part is they're all currently free. You'll probably want to investigate each one further before deciding which is best for you. Or maybe you'd like to join more than one site. That's up to you of course. If you’ve never tried swapping books online it just might be worth a shot. It’s certainly better than just throwing your old books away. You might have that treasure someone has been searching for and they might have what you've been looking for. You never know.


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