Taxidermy Queen, Polly Morgan's New Art Show, "Psychopomps"

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

Do you like mail? Ever since I was a kid, I've liked receiving mail. I had pen pals and we wrote back and forth to each other. It was like receiving a little gift, but you didn't have to wait for only holidays or birthdays. I still have a few friends who actually send me paper letters and I to them. But I also enjoy some good electronic mail.

Today, I received a particularly fun email about Polly Morgan, the taxidermy queen's new art show, "Psychopomps". She is one of the original taxidermy artists. She started back when it was so new and shocking to use dead animals in artwork. Hers is still strange and macabre. For example, the title for this show is about the winged creatures which transport the spirit across the endless void, "Psychopomps". It is a very Victorian idea.

Polly Morgan

You can watch a video of her talking about her newest work at this link. In it, she reclines on a white sofa in a black outfit, talking about how she wants to create something completely new to wake up her audience to the magic of being a child again.

Maybe, that is why I'm drawn to and inspired by her macabre art. It is dreamy, surreal and magical despite how morbid it is.


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