6 New Books - David E. Carter - Enter your work Now

Six new books by David E. Carter are now accepting submissions. Details can be found here...

Carter has announced that all his future books will be produced exclusively in digital format, through Apple's iBookstore and Google Editions.

Carter's books have dominated the best-seller lists for graphic design for the last 15 years. But Carter saw major changes in the book industry, beginning with Amazon.com's Kindle.

Last month Amazon anounced that for every 100 hard-cover books they sold, the company sold 180 eBooks for the Kindle.

With the iPad and Apple's iBookstore, and Google Editions, Carter saw the future of book publishing. And that was where he wanted to be.

Carter said, "The innovations of Apple's iBookstore and Google Editions will change book publishing as much as Gutenberg did in 1450. The answer to 'What is a book?' has changed forever."

Ampixx Books was formed to publish Carter's books, as well as the books of other people in the creative world.


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