Art for Animals: Giving Sanctuary to Misplaced and Abused Animals

We really enjoy featuring people and organizations that are dedicated to helping others throughout the world. By highlighting these people here on Illustration Pages our hope is to assist in bringing awareness to their efforts. That’s why today we’re proud to feature, Art for Animals.

Art for Animals was founded by artists Amanda Gray and Donna Wilson. They believe that as humans and custodians of our planet, it is our responsibility to ensure that all the creatures of the world are cared for with love, compassion and kindness. Their mission is to help rescue and give sanctuary to misplaced and abused animals. Through their combined years of experience, devotion and commitment and with enough financial support, Art for Animals can help make a difference.

Donna and Amanda’s dream is to open an animal rescue sanctuary for animals that are in desperate need of a safe, caring, loving and enriching home. At present they are trying to raise funds to build an exotic animal rescue sanctuary on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. They have been fortunate enough to secure 40 acres of land but are still in need of additional funds to start erecting fences, quarantine facilities, enclosures and many other necessary items to assist in caring for the animals. Numerous animals are desperately waiting for the completion of this sanctuary.

Art for Animals is not a large non-profit organization, just two amazing artists working within the animal industry trying to make a difference through art. You can assist them by purchasing one or more of their art and photography prints. All prints are hand signed by the artist. All proceeds from the sale of each print go directly toward helping animals in desperate need of a home.


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