Create Your Own Reality - Artist Mike Cressy

Part of the opening statement on artist Mike Cressy's website is that he has a ton of "stuff" and not all of his art made the cut to be included. How do you go about featuring an artist that has so much artwork he couldn’t include it all on his own website? Well, you could select one piece from each category presented on his site – even though he has more categories on his site than Tiger Woods had girlfriends (not like that's a bad thing). But today we’ll focus on Mike's paintings and “RedSkethes” on Illustration Pages as an intro to his artwork.

I wouldn’t say Mike Cressy is a prolific artist. Salvador Dali was a prolific artist. Mike Cressy is a madman with a paintbrush and a red Faber-Castell pencil who somehow must have found a way to clone himself. How is it possible for one artist to produce this much work? It’s obvious Mike likes to flex his creative brain and step outside his comfort zone. But trying to figure out what his comfort zone is among his logos, animated characters, instructional drawings, abstracts, graphic novels, paintings and digital art might be a bit of a challenge.

All kidding aside, featuring such a prolific artist as Mike Cressy is truly inspirational. He doesn’t seem to have any fear when it comes to unleashing his creativity. He creates whatever his mind’s eye sees. Fear can be crippling for an artist. Sometimes we won’t create something out of fear that it might be outside of our “style”, or “technically” incorrect, or it might be perceived as odd. Sometimes we’re simply afraid to try something new. You can always find a million reasons not to try something but there’s only one reason you really need to do it and that’s because you want to. Don’t ever suppress your creativity. There’s nothing more criminal. Critics be damned create what you want and let everyone else figure out if its art or not. Do yourself a favor and take some time to look through Mike Cressey’s work and if it doesn’t ignite your spark plugs you better check under your hood.


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