Erik Sanko's Puppets Inspiring a Spooky Halloween

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

If I were in New York, there would be no way I'd miss this puppet show, "The Fortune Teller". Below are a few of the scenes and puppets that will be in this performance coming just in time for Halloween. It's sure to inspire a spooky and fun holiday. It was created by Erik Sanko with collaboration from some greats like Danny Elfman who helped compose the music for it. Check it out if you can.

Here's what the show is about:

Seven strangers’ twisted tales are brought to life in this marionette play and woven with haunting music to tell an eerily comic story of fate and fortune. On a dark night, the strangers are invited to the mansion of a deceased millionaire, and learn that their inheritances will be based not on a will, but on the readings of a fortune teller. Each soon meets a gruesome end in this production developed through HERE’s Dream Music puppetry program.


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