Giant Comic Book Stories at Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

Don't you think a comic book story projected in large scale in the momentous halls of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art would be fantastic to see?! Well, that's the intended purpose of the story, "The Astronaut's Birthday". It's being described as "a unique large-scale space adventure" which is inspired by golden age comic books and 1950's science fiction films. It sounds ridiculously fun to me.

A large team of artists and illustrators are working on this project as we speak. You can get behind any project that's employing a team of artists, right?! I sure can. Well, this inspiring project needs your help. They are running out of funds and are asking for your contribution. If you click on the widget below, it will take you to a video preview of the project and a page on which you can pledge your help. So support art and your fellow illustrators!

Really, I'm not getting paid to say this. I just find this project wonderfully inspiring. Maybe, you will too. Check it out.


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