Ingvard the Terrible Isn’t Terrible At All

Ingvard the Terrible isn’t terrible at all but don’t tell his fellow Vikings that. They might pillage and plunder to prove I’m a liar. Do tell everyone else you know though. What’s the reason why illustrator and graphic designer Sean Ingvard Ashby refers to himself as Ingvard the Terrible? Is it his “Old World” style and scratchboard technique? Is it his Danish and Swedish heritage? Well history does place the Vikings in Scandinavia, Britain, Ireland and the rest of Europe in general. Only Ingvard the Terrible himself knows the answer, and for that, perhaps you might have to follow him on Facebook - if you dare.

Sean's self promotion postcards

This young warrior has been honored by many a noble judge throughout the land of illustration and design. It is rumored that he has conquered deadlines near and far that have left others before him trembling in horror. Assemble at once with your fellow villagers on Facebook and rejoice his splendor.


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