Joel Beckley's Crazy, Inspirational Illustrations in the Gaming and Entertainment Industry

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

I sometimes forget that illustration is more prolific than ever with all the new media and the internet. I mean, these are just more places to put interesting visuals. The gaming and entertainment industries have some particularly amazing and inspirational illustrations. Take for example, game developer, illustrator and graphic designer, Joel Beckley.

Joel's crazy, fun games have strange and inspirational characters and graphics to take you on a journey beyond your wildest imagination. Above is a video of his newest game, DefCow One, a game in which you play a farmer who is defending his cows against aliens. The cows are so cute and they moo when they are being abducted by the evil looking spaceships. Of course, you'd want to save them from this scary fate.

Below are more of his crazy games like a snowboarding game called, "Index and Bird's Snowboard Park", where your fingers do the snow surfing and characters like giant raccoons and snow sharks try to impair your ride.

You can learn more about Joel Beckley and his games on his blog:

Joel Makes Games

or his Facebook page:

Joel Beckley


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