The Keep Arts in Schools Project

Now here’s a great cause we should all get behind. Keep Arts in Schools offers a number of resources that inform, engage and inspire arts learning. They have a really great Facebook page with over 4,000 active members. Like us these people have a strong passion for the arts. They are parents, teachers, artists, and students, all advocates for art education, each with a different story to tell. The Keep Arts in Schools Facebook page is a true community page filled with various stories - and every member’s enthusiasm for the arts is felt through each and every post. Keep Arts in Schools is a project everyone should rally behind and show support for - not only as artists but also as concerned members of their communities. Let's ensure art education reaches every child.

All children deserve a great well-rounded education. Learning in and through the arts should be a vital component of all public schools for every student - no matter where they live. The Keep Arts in Schools website is an online community for arts education advocates, focusing on the efforts and successes of local organizations, communities, teachers and leading voices throughout the country who are all working to "keep arts in schools".

A special thanks to Amy C. Durocher who responded to our request for art related, nonprofit organizations on the IP Facebook page and brought Keep Arts in Schools to our attention.  Amy is a graphic designer and front end web developer whose work can be seen at amydurocher.com


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