Kinetic Typography - The Type That Moves You

You've probably heard of kinetic sculpture. Have you ever heard of kinetic typography? Simply put it's moving text - an animation technique. Some use this technique in promotional videos and advertisements or you've probably seen it in one of its most common forms, movie title sequences. The title sequence to It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is arguably one of the best. Not surprising when you think that the master of film title design, Saul Bass was the creator of that little ditty. Kinetic typography is really fun when it's synced up to famous speeches or movie quotes. Like the one below. Did you know there's a whole category on YouTube dedicated to kinetic typography? When you feel your battery is running low and you might need a recharge maybe make some free time to watch a few. They're really fun and they're usually no longer than a minute or two.


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