2 Halloween Projects to Inspire Your Creativity

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

If you haven't guessed it by now, I'll tell you----I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I love the decorations, the parties and the costumes. I also love it when people get creative and make their own things for this autumn time holiday. Below are 2 fun projects that could inspire you to make your own fun things for Halloween.

Halloween Shadow Makers by Minieco

Shadow makers make shadows, makes sense, huh? You can use them to create a little puppet theater. At Minieco blog, the whole project is illustrated and explained to you. It only takes a few simple supplies and steps. Then you're ready to entertain your guests at your Halloween party. Click here for all the info on this project.

Halloween Paper Garland by Paper Crave

Why not spruce up the place with some festive Halloween decorations!? At Paper Crave blog, you can down load the PDF to make this cute paper garland. All you need are a few simple things like black paper and sissors. View all the supplies needed and steps for this project at this link.  Then your guests will get in the mood for some Halloween fun!


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