Artist Eunjung June Kim - Digital Beauty

The illustrations of San Francisco artist Eunjung June Kim are full of beauty and life. They have a wonderful sense of depth and emotion that really welcomes their viewers. It’s amazing to see what an artist like Eunjung can do on a computer. This work truly defines the term digital painting.

Having highlighted so many artists on Illustration Pages I sometimes come across an artist whose work reminds me of another that was featured previously. Such is the case here. Eunjung’s illustrations are reminiscent of illustrator Nidhi Chanani. Although their styles are different there are some similarities, such as the heart-warming scenes and the brilliant use of lighting.

You’ll certainly have a great time looking through the illustrations of Eunjung June Kim over at Etsy. And without a doubt it will be difficult trying to choose which illustration to buy. Heck – you might come away with two or three.


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