Dan Krall's "Absolutely Beastly Children" Hits the Shelves

Dan Krall's 3rd book and first author credit, Absolutely Beastly Children (Tricycle Press) hits the shelves. A delightful rhyming ABC book featuring ink and (digital) watercolor illustrations of 26 horrible little brats.

In this book you’ll find 26 children who are almost certainly nothing like you. You always eat your peas and say please. You, unlike Oscar, would never tell lies. And in your wildest dreams you wouldn’t play with your food the way Nancy does. But even the sweetest child can be tempted to behave badly. Thankfully, Dan Krall has put together this collection to remind us just how unpleasant beastly behavior can be. Buy the book...

Dan Krall is an Art Director and Development Artist for Animated Television and Film. Credits include, Coraline, Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated, Samurai Jack, The PowerPuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory. See his portfolio and other books on his website at: dankrall.com.


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