The Disturbing Loveliness of Toxic Apple Studios’ Jodee Taylah

Jodee Taylah has an eye for the macabre. Her cadaverous creatures and wicked women send chills down your spine that begin with an uneasy tingle in your toes. Inspired by the wickedness of Mephistopheles, under the blackest spell of evil, Jodee puts pen to paper creating scenes found hidden deep within the dark unconscious of the whole human race. Man and beast be warned that what you are about to see here once the Toxic Apple has been bitten cannot be described in words. The hellhounds will have been unleashed – for this visual experience will grip your soul and thrust it into the heart of darkness where no mortal man can journey.

And truth be told - disturbingly lovely is also a rather good description of Jodee's illustrations. Isn't it? It's not easy to be ghoulish and magical at the same time. Yet Jodee pulls it off with a style all her own. Remind you of another master of mischievous misfits?

In the true spirit of Halloween, you can also enjoy these other devilishly talented artists that have appeared on Illustration Pages in the past.

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