Going Wild With Artist Terry Jackson

So far we’ve had the pleasure of highlighting some really talented wildlife artists on Illustration Pages. Today we’re adding another gifted artist to the roster, Terry Jackson.  Terry’s painstakingly realistic depictions of animals are out of this world. The level of detail she captures with a pencil is light years beyond what could ever be captured by photography. This is true with many artists like Terry. Knowing that the human hand creates such beauty on paper adds an element to the artwork that can never be matched by a camera, which merely arranges pixels into a recognizable subject. No matter how realistic Terry draws something, it’s still her interpretation of realty. And that, in addition to how real her subjects look, is what makes her art so unique and special.

You might look at Terry’s jaw dropping, graphite drawings and wonder, “How does she achieve such realism. What kinds of techniques yield such amazing results? How did she learn to do that?” All the beauty in Terry’s drawings does not lie solely within their realism. Her drawings contain emotion. Terry’s artwork captures a moment in time, a mother cuddling her young, a cat rolling in the grass, two massive elephants playing. These are seconds in time that have taken hours of intense patience and concentration to create by an artist with a deep connection to the animals she is drawing.

If you remember, recently we highlighted scratchboard artist Cathy Sheeter. Well Terry Jackson and Cathy Sheeter have two things in common - one is obvious, they are both wildlife artists. The other thing they have in common is, neither artist has had any formal art training. That’s right. Pick yourself up off the floor and read that again. Terry Jackson hasn’t had any formal art training. UGH! Don’t you just hate that?


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