Illustrating Fun With Smiling Otis Studio

Russ Cox aka Smiling Otis definitely lives up to his name. His bio on his illustration site is a riot and his illustrations are exactly what you would hope to see from a guy whose photo on his Facebook page is of himself wearing a hat with a cartoon monster popping out of the top. Crammed with color and full of fun, Russ’ illustrations pack a punch of pure delight.

Don't you just love his spooky trick or treaters and scary witch? And they're just in time for Halloween too.

Now of course every yin has a yang and Smiling Otis has his serious side - okay somewhat serious. The yang in this case would be Russ' collection of logos.

Russ also creates Flash cartoon animation for the likes of American Greetings and AOL. Is there no end to this man's talent?


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