Illustrator Mark Hammermeister – You Had Me With Your Jimi Hendrix

Detroit illustrator Mark Hammermeister is one skilled artist with the pixels. This seriously talented, digital painter is laying down some seriously fantastic, stylized digital art. Look at the level of detail in that Jimi Hendrix illustration below. Look at the pattern in the shirt and the individual strands of hair! Mark wrote on his blog that it took him three hours to do this painting in Photoshop. Three hours – are you kidding me? It was painted over a ballpoint pen sketch. If this took Mark only three hours to create - what can he do in eight – recreate the Sistine Chapel? Hammermeister style!

The images below I could let go on forever. They're just so incredible. Wouldn't you agree?

Well, all good things must come to an end - but not for too long. Go check out more for yourself. Although Mark Hammermeister doesn’t have a "Facebook page", he does have a page on Facebook. And there he welcomes you to join him as a friend so you can keep up with his latest creations.


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