Is Your “Wilson” A Sketchbook?

Are you an artist who brings a sketchbook with you everywhere you go – consistently jotting down almost every place you visit – almost every thought - just about everything you see? Some artists can’t leave the house without a sketchbook – one in the car – one in a backpack – a small one in a pocket. Do you think Tommy Kane is an artist whose constant companion is a sketchbook?

Eat, sleep and breathe design – there are others out there who do – that’s what a professor once told me upon my first day of college. He was a graphic design professor, who unfortunately passed away soon thereafter. I never had the benefit of learning more from him. But his words remained forever engrained in my mind. Of course they didn’t only apply to design. They apply to art in general. Tommy Kane seems to be one of those “others” that eats, sleeps and breathes art. That would explain his intense understanding of art and his ability to create such compelling graphic design and beautiful drawings and paintings. Perhaps he’s discovered the contentment and solace that can be found inside one’s mind recording personal experiences and the world around him inside a sketchbook.

Have you ever wondered why we’re so compelled to draw – to create? Creativity makes up every fiber of who you are. We’ve discussed this before on Illustration Pages. Take away your ability to create and you will be robbed of what makes you who you are. Let’s hope that never happens. Don't let it happen. Carry a sketchbook with you everywhere you go and every free moment becomes an opportunity to draw - to create.

Tommy Kane has been a successful advertising art director for the past 25 years, creating print ads and commercials for clients such as IBM, Life Magazine, Sony. Liz Clairborne, and others. But his secret passion – which is not a secret anymore – is drawing and painting. And in his own words he does both RELENTLESSLY in his free time. He’s an artist whose work you will fall in love with. He’s such a prolific artist there’s bound to be something he’s created that lights your fire. One thing is certain, he'll inspire you to draw and draw and draw. Now go crack the spine on that brand new sketchbook.


  1. Oh, that's so inspiring! I have my sketchbook, but honestly sometimes I forget to bring it with me wherever I go. From now on, I'm trying to keep itinerary my purse. :)

    Tommy is a great artist, indeed!

  2. I agree, Tati. He's an excellent artist. A few years back I heard him on a podcast interview conducted by Von Glitschka. It was a great interview and I've been hooked on his work ever since.


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