Available Now: The Second Illustration Pages Poster for Download and Print

Yes, I've been at it again. To show my appreciation for everyone’s support and participation on the IP blog, I collaborated with the amazing artist, J.R. Mounger. Together we bring you another original Illustration Pages poster that you can download, print and hang in your studio. Artist J.R. Mounger was featured on IP back in February and I knew his phenomenal style would be perfect for the next IP poster.

To download this poster click on the link below. Windows users will be prompted to download the file with a dialogue box after clicking the link below. Mac users will see the high res image of the poster displayed after clicking on the link. Just right click on that image and then click "Save as" to begin your download. The file is setup as a standard 8.5 x 11 so you can simply download it and print it out. The file is a high resolution jpeg for the best quality print output but compressed enough for a fast and simple download.

Click here to download the 8.5 x 11 poster

I'm lucky enough to have the original drawing of the poster framed and hanging in my studio. Thank you everyone and enjoy the poster. Here’s to continued success in the future.

Lou Simeone
Illustration Pages
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About J.R. Mounger:
Born and raised by wild animals in the back woods of Southeastern Oklahoma, he was found by a loving family who taught him how to walk upright and eat with a fork. He learned to communicate with his new family by drawing them pictures - and so his art career began. Seriously after college at OSU - Okmulgee J.R. settled in North Texas with his family. He has lived in Texas over half his life and loves it. J.R. has always drawn or painted his entire life and after college he worked as a freelance illustrator/designer, he worked in design studios for years, publishing for a bit and the last few years have been in ad agencies. All of the places that J.R. has worked have strengthened his skills as an artist and designer. Art has always been rewarding and fulfilling for J.R. and he cannot see himself doing anything else.

Contact J.R. for any illustrations work: mounger.jr[at]gmail[dot]com
Visit the blog: Genuine Pencil Pusher
J.R. Mounger on Facebook


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