Get Ready for WAR on Illustration Pages

Wardell "WAR" Brown is breaking out today on IP so you better be ready. Wardell's gloves are off and he's creating some killer vector art. Babes, brats, business men - what do you need? - cause WAR creates them all. And besides his cool computer illustrations, Wardell also gives us a peek into his sketchbooks and offers up some great paintings and other merchandise for sale on his website.

Wardell Brown is a freelance cartoonist and comic book artist hailing from the great state of California. He has a contemporary take on classic cartoon styles which he classifies as neo-retro. His influence is 1960's advertising cartoon art but he's laying down his own cartoon art with rockin' colors and kicked up concepts.

There's no doubt you'll want to spend some time with Wardell Brown's art. His illustrations look awesome on t-shirts, posters and skateboard decks. You have to take a look for yourself. Your view about WAR will never be the same.

On his Facebook page Wardell hosts regular contests to win his art, books, and merchandise. You can even win a chance to be drawn by the artist himself. What a great way to bring more attention to his art and attract more followers on Facebook.


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