Postcards From the Edge: Annual Inspiration To Help Artists with AIDS

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

As an artist and illustrator, I like to help other artists and illustrators. I mean, after all, that's why I'm a contributor on this site and why I blog what I blog on my own site. So when I see a charity or auction that helps artists, you betcha, I'm on board.

I've been on board to help "Postcards From the Edge" for several years now. They are an annual art event which sells art postcards for $85.00 each and which go to help artists with AIDS. The unique thing about this event is that, each postcard on the gallery walls is posted anonymously. In other words, you have no idea who the artist is until you buy it and turn it over to see the name of the creator. Famous and unknowns share wall-space in this great art charity event. That's right, I can say I've exhibited in a gallery where Barbara Kruger and Dean Koontz were also exhibiting.

If this has inspired you to create an original postcard and to help artists,  click here for submission details.  Several thousand artists, designers and photographers participate in it annually.  The deadline to submit is Friday, December 10, 2010.


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