Something Wonderful This Way Comes – Artist Alexandra Petracchi

You might think that writing about another artist’s work is sometimes difficult. You might also think that it becomes even more difficult when that artist’s portfolio website is written in a language you do not read, speak or understand. But beautiful artwork transcends language barriers and writing about artwork that speaks to you completely on its own, really isn't that difficult at all. So if you’re looking for something quite wonderful and unique on this Monday morning - artwork that speaks to you - perhaps then you’re in the mood for the art of Alexandra Petracchi.

Maybe it's Japanese prints  - perhaps Salvador Dali - yes definitely a touch of surrealism - whatever the influence, there is something undeniably irresistible and visually arresting about Alexandra's artwork. Her art is dreamlike - some light and airy - others firm and grounded - all very delicious to explore. Go ahead, enjoy the artistic feast.

Alexandra Petracchi is an illustrator and freelance graphic designer. Her numerous voyages into the imagination have led her to work for children’s publishing houses as an illustrator and Artistic Director of Learning Through Play projects (CD-ROMs and school books). When she’s not traveling, Alexandra flies in and out of flash animations and other visual identities. When she finally lands, it’s solely for telling her own magical life to us, full of strange, mysterious creatures and creations.


  1. OOH thanks a lot for you kinds words about my works i'm really enjoy to read this. Thanks so so much


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