They Draw and Cook - The Artists and Illustrators Recipe Blog

There are so many creative outlets that go hand in hand. Many actors enjoy painting, many dancers enjoy singing and many artists enjoy cooking. Well, if you're one of those artists that enjoy cooking there's a great little blog for you. They Draw and Cook is a fun blog where numerous, talented artists, illustrators and designers share their favorite recipes through their wonderfully, creative artwork.

They Draw and Cook was created by artists Nate Padavick and Salli Swindel. The brother and sister team specialize in artwork for greeting cards, illustrations for magazines and graphic design for arts organizations. Every day on They Draw and Cook a new recipe is posted. And eventually the brother and sister dynamic duo have plans to publish the blog as a book. So if you love to draw, cook and eat (Who doesn't?) then head on over to this fun spot on the web. And yes - of course - you can submit a recipe of your own.

Top Illustration by Sarah Ward
Middle Illustration by Gaia Bordicchia
Bottom Illustration by Jo Thompson


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