Announcing the Winner of the StoryBookIllustrators.com Online Portfolio Giveaway

The winner of the StoryBookIllustrators.com online portfolio giveaway is…

Wilson Williams, Jr. (Mighty Kwan)

Wilson’s one year membership to StoryBookIllustrators.com includes 40 portfolio images, 10 published book images, his own biography page, client list and a link out to his personal, portfolio website.

Wilson will be contacted with all the details.

Thank you to all who entered. The participation from everyone was fantastic.

StoryBookIllustrators.com is a premium, online, children’s illustrators' directory. They’re professional, affordable and simple to use. They’re passionate about the industry and dedicated to assisting illustrators market themselves and gain more exposure, while increasing their clientele. Artists love the look of StoryBookIllustrators.com and the timely and thorough customer care. The simple set-up combined with the detailed marketing features makes for an easy, yet comprehensive, marketing solution for children’s illustrators. Promote your portfolio, published books, biography, client list, website and blog all in your own gallery!


  1. Thanks so much Lou! What a great opportunity to test new grounds and expose my artwork to a new and growing audience! Happy New Year to you all and thanks again!! :)

  2. I hope it brings you many great opportunities in the new year.

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