Color Your World With The Illustrations of Juana Martinez-Neal

Juana Martinez-Neal's illustrations are so vibrant and full of life. Her art is bursting with brilliant color and rich textures. There's a tiny hint of Richard Scarry in each one of her little animal friends she creates. You'll find a whole lot of warmth and joy in all of her characters and illustrations without a doubt.

Juana creates her whimsical, vibrant treats using colored pencil - others are mixed media. Her illustrations are perfect for children. Among Juana's published books are, Lellie The Different Elephant, I Can Cook, The Magic Bluebells and The Wall. Each of these books are filled with wonderful, imaginative illustrations.


  1. Juana's illustrations are amazing with such wonderful colors. Her Artwork is delightful for children to look at when reading any books that she illustrates.


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