A Fantastic Voyage with Medical Illustrator Scott Leighton

Maybe you didn't recognize Illustrations Pages for a second. No, IP hasn't turned into a medical site overnight. Today we're featuring an extremely talented medical illustrator. Actually, Scott Leighton is a certified medical illustrator (CMI). A CMI is an illustrator who has successfully passed examinations in business practices, ethics, biomedical science, and drawing skills and has undergone a rigorous portfolio review.

To become a certified medical illustrator the artist has to pass a written exam administered by the AMI (The Association of Medical Illustrators) and a portfolio review with some specific requirements in technique and subject matter. But before an illustrator applies for the certification exam they are required to have certain prerequisites. These qualifications are a degree from a recognized college or university program in medical illustration that includes a course in human gross anatomy with hands on dissection; or a minimum of five years full-time work experience as a medical illustrator substantiated by letters of reference from employers and proof of a college-level course in human gross anatomy with hands on dissection. Hey - anything worth having is worth working for. Right?

Scott's illustrations are nothing short of amazing. The technical ability he possesses as an illustrator takes years to develop. In many cases he's illustrating concepts that are not visible to the human eye. And also think about the knowledge he needs to have of human anatomy. These images are not only technical references but amazing pieces of art.


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