Illustrators Helping You With Your Christmas Wrapping

Contributed by Melissa Kojima

It's only 3 days until Christmas, so I know you have all your gift creating and shopping done, right!? Now, it's time to wrap all those gifts and tag them to Grandma, Aunt Sue, Little Joey, your neighbor from Brazil and don't forget the always dependable, Mr. Bots the postman......well, maybe, you don't have that many people you're gifting, but to tell all the gifts apart, you'll need some gift tags. Some very creative and fun illustrators have some free downloadable gift tags for you. Below are a few of them.

Michael Slack of the "Slack Art" Blog is giving away a free download to top off your gifts. It's a yodeling yeti of course! How fun.

Wee Birdy blog which finds the best of London and Sydney designed these cute birdy gift tags for you. It's available for free downloading in either pink or blue.

Graphic designer and illustrator Kelly Medina wants you to have a hoot of a holiday with these owl gift tags. The link to download them is here.

Caroline Roach who has an online store of handmade cards and buttons called, "Champ + Rosie" (among many other fun items) created these gift tags where the owl is posing as a holiday reindeer. And why not! Download the sheet of tags here.

Thank you to all these great illustrators for their free gift tags! I hope they have inspired you to get creative with your wrapping. Have fun whatever you put on your gifts!


  1. Really good finds Melissa! They're all super-cute.


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